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Finance 101 Course

The finance 101 course will be included in the basic WEkonomist membership. It teaches the basics of budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting, (auto, mortgage, credit card, and student loan) debt interest, debt management, debt elimination, taxes, income sheets, balance sheets, cash flow, self-financing, and much more. This course will be taught by one of two certified profit strategists in the entire state of Texas.

This course will be opening soon.  Please check back later.

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Elite Stock & Options Course

For Long Term Investing & Short Term (Thorough understanding of how the markets work).  In this digital course you will learn:

  • Options 101
  • The components of options trading
  • Fundamentals Vs. Technical Analysis
  • Market Cycles
  • Option Trading for income
  • Stock Charts, Candlesticks Analysis
  • Trends, Support and Resistance
  • Basic Moving Averages
  • How to find Stocks to trade
  • How to enter a trade/option
  • How to exit a trade/option
  • Expiration dates
  • Understanding the Greeks
  • Trading Rules
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Plan

Upcoming Courses

WEkonomist is dedicated to continually add value for our subscribers.  We take the time to vet our instructors and help them create a baseline course to help you start building your wealth.  Here are a few courses we have in store.  (Course names may change as we release them.)

  • Cryptocurrency 101
  • No Diploma Mill Skills (Low barrier to entry and high paying careers)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Investing


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This course will be opening soon.  Please check back later.

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3 weeks ago

WEkonomist Magazine


🚨⚠️ If you have manifest the symptoms related to the virus or been exposed to someone who has IMMEDIATELY ISOLATE YOURSELF AND REPORT YOURSELF TO THE CONCERNED AUTHORITIES.🚨⚠️

In theses very unusual times it can difficult to adapt to the new normal.

Our community is particularly vulnerable to this new reality given that many of us are depend on more than one single income.

Here are simple actions you can take to help not only yourself but the community as well.

Limit social interactions and use virtual tools like zoom for your meetings or consultations with clients. WASH YOUR HANDS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN.

Stay up to date on the latest development that may affect your local area by consulting officials websites like www.cdc.gov

There may be a fellow community member you know who can’t leave home or can’t drive to the store to purchase food or medication if you can help them please do so.

Keep a portion of non-perishable food and water somewhere safe for the worst. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Reduce your consumption to what’s necessary.

We are strong but stronger together.
Let’s stay safe collectively !

The WEkonomist Team
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