2019 And Beyond

Avatar Wekonomist Team | January 5, 2020

Rob aka “Big Rob” White III


Greetings & salutations Family!  As we swiftly bring 2019 to a close, I would like to share with youth three simple insights that I’ve gained as a part of the Wekonomist Family.

Take a leap of blind faith/walk in purpose: I entered 2019 with the slogan Make Major Media Moves on my spirit but lacked the full clarity what it meant or entailed.  Here as we stand in the last month of the year, I now know that accepting a position as a writer for Wekonomist is the manifestation of that slogan.  Although I’m still settling into what it means to be a “writer” (this is a first for me) & struggle with self doubt periodically, I can say that I’m thankful for a challenge that’s helping me to grow.  Taking a leap of blind faith this year & embracing a new creative endeavor is truly a blessing & allowing me a space to empower others while also solidify my legacy.

WE are the value: One of the greatest lessons that I’ve gained from being a part of the team comes from behind the scenes.  I learned that having a small team committed to uplifting, empowering, & advancing the collective holds more value than a group of random individuals only assembled & motivated by self gain only.  Each member of the Wekonomist team continues to make personal sacrifices for all of our benefit & has consistently produced a quality product that puts our collective in a better position.  This not only inspires me but also challenges me to dig deeper & give more of my time, talent, resources, & self.  I’m continually gaining a deeper understanding of why it’s imperative for the to come before the Konomist.  WE are resilient; WE are legit; WE are Wekonomist!

Pay yourself first: Being a part of the Wekonomist family has provided me with exclusive, powerful, & practical financial empowerment tips to apply to my life.  For the first time in my life, I’ve consistently gotten in the habit of paying myself first.  As a result, I’ve been able to save more money than ever before.  I thank Wekonomist for providing with tools & insight to set & advance personal financial goals.  Everything may not be for everyone but I’m convinced that if we all put into play one thing that we’ve learned or has been reinforced from Wekonomist, we’ll all see positive gains in our financial & overall quality of life.

Discovering WEkonomist

I must say first of all that the way destiny works most of the time is coincidental.
I’ll explain
I was added to a Messenger group called Koindanomic Magazine that gathered individuals from the Koindanomics FB group to discuss and exchange ideas about a project.
The project wasn’t the Koindanomic Magazine (now renamed Wekonomist Magazine) itself but something the Magazine wanted to feature eventually.
So to encourage the magazine and to increase the visibility of my business in the community I proposed to buy advertising space in the magazine.

I was then approached by the Wekonomist magazine founder who happened to be a member of the FB and messenger group as well a fortunate coincidence.
We scheduled a phone call and she shared her global vision and the purpose of why she was launching this magazine.
Immediately I felt like the caveman who discovered fire, my eyes opened and the rest is history.
Reading all the magazine issues and articles especially “understanding class in America “ of the August 2019 issue has redefined the next 10 years of my life thus the rest of my life.
I have learned my true story and found my true purpose as a son of Africa living in North America.
I’m on a mission to help educate our community so we can grow collectively and achieve our economic liberation.

Jay Edmond

Rachel Knox


As the civil year 2019 comes to a close, my mind is filled with so many thoughts about WEkonomist. As I consider what WEkonomist is for the community at large, WEkonomist was, and is, a gift to me. In these last six months, I have become more aware of my own personal freedom while learning new paths to financial freedom within our community. I joke with the team a lot that I am not the person who wakes up in the morning and jumps straight out of bed. When I wake up, it’s a simple thank you to The Most High, a recitation of the Shema and then I sit on the side of the bed. That time is more for orientation. I am getting my bearings before letting my feet finally hit the floor. So, when our community begins the discussion about being “woke”, my morning routine comes to mind. I am still getting orientated much like WEkonomist.

We exist to serve the community. We don’t want to be a one stop, one solution all-encompassing entity. Our focus is wide, but we have definitive target. Dr. Maya Angelou, may her memory be a blessing, said ‘When you get, give. When you learn, teach’. We decided that we wanted this magazine to have a solid educational component. One that offered practical information that used no matter your place in life. Within the community where we started, we had it ALL. We had millionaires and the homeless. We have people in the US to people scattered in the continent of Africa even reaching out to the Outer Banks of Australia. We recognize that our community is not monolithic. We are as diverse as the spectrum of melanin that exists in our skin. So, it is a big job to communicate to such a large audience. But we are steadfast.  The one thing that I carry forward into this next cycle around the sun, is this bedrock concept that WEkonomist sits on: community.

You see we will need you, as you will need us.  Our content is designed for YOUR benefit. If I weren’t so long winded, I’d love to sit down with each of you and hear what is it that you want to know. We don’t claim to be financial gurus, but what we are is a group of avid researchers that let the data speak for itself. You don’t have to travel far outside your own circle to hear the woes of our economic challenges as a people. But in the words of my Health Coach, ‘Now what?’. We know the dark nasty history of these United States, but now what? Yes, it’s an economically oppressive system that has existed for centuries but now what? While we take a look back, we do so so that we can move forward. At WEkonimist we attempt to dissect our past so that we can chart a new map to freedom based on the landscape that we are in now. It is a daunting journey. But it is absolutely possible.

There is an African proverb which says Mu kânda, babo longa ye longwa. Loosely translated it means that within the community everybody has the right to teach and to be taught. Education is a matter of reciprocity. True knowledge is acquired through sharing. This sentiment is captured in our modern hashtag #growcollectively. It sounds cliché but it is true we are stronger, and better, together.

We don’t want to be the fastest, but we do want to go the farthest. And that will only be accomplished as we remain guided by love for the community and our passion to rise together. The days ahead are filled with unprecedented opportunities and considerable challenges. If nothing else, we are realist. As the Forerunner Takiyah Noble likes to say, ‘We ain’t gonna pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining’. I recall that The Book teaches, it is the TRUTH which makes you free. At WEkonomist, we want to tell the truth about what is happening to us economically and what we can do about it. Frederick Douglass said that “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. He also said, “I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.’

Now, let that sink in. We invite you to consider a new type of freedom. Much like many of our ancestors before us, we can show you the path. But you must determine to walk it. We can create the map, but you must decide to take the risk and make the journey. Our promise is that we will walk with you until we are all FREE.