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WEkonomist Magazine derived with great anticipation from one of the fastest growing Black Facebook groups, Koindanomics. Koindanomics is a group of individuals who support the Black diaspora with education in finance, investing, and crypto-currency. The group has grown to over 25,000 members and climbing.

The WEkonomist Magazine is building a community within this group that reaches a global audience. The magazine has attracted highly recognized financial specialists and investors, real estate investors, educators, and many others that will be teaching on our platform and contributing content to our digital magazine.  The magazine is designed to make you aware of problems and then present you with options; that’s how we enlighten you. Then we teach you Frameworks, Formulas, and Functions to carefully analyze those options and determine what works best for you; that’s how we educate you. Next, we instruct you on how to pursue some of the options presented; that’s how we encourage you to execute what you’ve learned.

For more information email us at info@wekonomist.com or call 1-866-256-4632.