Carla Napper – Gold Sponsor

Avatar Wekonomist Team | June 8, 2019

Business Contact:

Carla Napper is the CEO of CNapp Enterprizes LLC, a marketing research consulting firm. Although her firm currently focuses on the emerging hemp industry, she has been advising businesses using tailored research studies and designs for well over a decade. Carla plays by the numbers. CNapp, pronounced snap, supports individuals as they learn about their businesses based on data. Her detailed analysis helps her clients to identify their target markets, assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and provides an overall valuation of the current economic environment as it pertains to their goods and services. Her sophisticated use of statistics allows her to provide effective strategies to move businesses forward.

Even before attaining her master’s degree in business administration, Carla was working in the field of market research as both an employee and an entrepreneur. Her first consultant business began not long after her first year in college. Her expertise was sharpened as she worked within the gaming industry at the state of Washington’s Lottery and as a contractor for a large corporation. As she was finding her way, she tried many different roles. She holds a certification as an Insurance Premium Auditor (CIPA), has been employed as a substitute teacher, and worked with the government on record dissolution and disposition authority projects. Carla states that although she found she could do anything, she was not passionate about any of them except when she worked within the field of market research.

From the beginning, Carla has had a clear aspiration to support the community of the African descendants of slaves. Although she grew up in the suburbs of Ohio, she was emotionally invested in the inner city of Columbus because she attended religious services there. Early on, she was able to see in real life the stark contrast between the two communities. This experience helped to fuel her desire to assist ‘mom and pop’ businesses to become not only economically viable but sustainable.

Carla Napper joined the Koinda community because she saw the role that analytics could play as the group advanced. Koinda is an economic empowerment and educational community which began on Facebook with the overall mission to eradicate global economic injustices. She determined that she would be very aggressive in helping the group understand its dynamics so that it could strengthen its community plan for the future. Koinda is a decentralized community that was created to help introduce, empower, and teach people about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, the stock market, fintech, asset allocation, and other valuable financial information.

She supports The WEkonomist Magazine because she believes the time is now for us to galvanize and create a power structure which will allow us to determine our own destiny. As a person who lived through the ‘60s and ‘70s, she understands the inherent force of our people and that we can move from talk to action to effect the changes that we want to see.