Felice Ricks – Silver Sponsor

Avatar Wekonomist Team | September 30, 2019

“I promised myself that I would never give up on me.”

Our newest Silver Sponsor, Felice Ricks, lives by that statement. She is the CEO and Founder of Funomenal Success Group and representative affiliate for Royaltie Gems.

Felice Ricks was born in Alexandria, Va. A self-proclaimed Army brat, she has lived all over the world, stationed everywhere from the United States to Germany. Although being part of a military family did not allow her to set down roots, it did provide her the opportunity to meet and learn from an array of cultures. Felice recognizes that those years gave her valuable experiences which now make her adaptable to almost any environment.

Felice thrives in the startup world. After settling down in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, her career path led her to work for several startup companies over the next 20 years.  Her talents were utilized across various industries including manufacturing, medical, and technology. Dallas–Fort Worth was being lauded as the “next Silicon Valley” in the late ‘90s, and Felice was in the perfect position to ride that wave. She jokes that at one point she thought a major tech company was following her around and buying up each of the startup companies she worked for. Then life happened.

When her son became ill, Felice made the difficult decision to leave her career to become his full-time caregiver. Next, she began to navigate the difficult task of ending her marriage. She soon realized that she was in transition and that the rigid atmosphere of corporate America would no longer be a good fit for her life. She reminded herself of the statement she had declared years earlier: “I promised myself that I would never give up on me.” And she began to explore becoming an entrepreneur.

Felice says that her desire to empower small businesses comes from her own journey into entrepreneurship. Her passion comes from service. Royaltie Gems, the first company to specialize in proximity marketing via wireless devices. The company provides a cost-effective way to leverage exposure for any size of business. Next up is her newest adventure establishing the Funomenal Success Group.   “I enjoy being at ‘the beginning’. Underneath each of my business pursuits is a servant’s heart that wants to add value to others. I am blessed to have formed some amazing partnerships. Strategic partnerships are a way for entrepreneurs to maximize their collective advantages by collaborating.”

Felice states that she chooses to support WEkonomist Magazine because she wanted to align herself with other individuals that want to uplift, educate, serve, and add value to the community as a whole.