Kevin Vain – Diamond Sponsor

Avatar Wekonomist Team | June 2, 2019

“We are stronger together.”  Kevin Vain, an ol’ country boy from Waco, TX, somehow made his way through Dallas, TX to Las Vegas, NV and now resides back in Dallas.  He is a very talented artist and designer who continue to push himself to create something that will be memorable.  He developed an entrepreneurial spirit during his time in Las Vegas when he was working with other entrepreneurs, musicians; and creative.

Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the Art Institute of Dallas in 2012.  He started to master the technical side of design and wanted to move into the theory of how design works and how to create multi-platform designs that convey his clients’ messages.  He then graduated with his master’s degree in media design at Full Sail University in 2015.  Ultimately, he strives to create projects that influence and educate the Black community in a positive way.

Kevin started his business CoLAB Creative Group, LLC in 2016 and is currently taking on minority-based businesses to help them maneuver around the barriers of starting a business in America.  He continues to educate himself on new trends and concepts to improve his path as well as others behind him.  He is an educator and enjoys teaching other creative and business owners how to make an impact in their community.

Contact:  |  (682) 302-4332