Robert White III – Silver Sponsor

Avatar Wekonomist Team | June 8, 2019

Voice of Liberation Empowerment Services, LLC

Robert White III is the founder of Voice of Liberation Empowerment Services, LLC. His organization is responsible for creating, coordinating, and managing programs and curriculum for marginalized youth.  The services provided by the organization serve an array of needs in the community. From one-to-one youth mentoring to the development of after-school programs, Robert is a ferocious advocate for impacting the lives of young people. Robert has a bachelor of arts degree with a concentration in communication studies. He has over 20 years’ experience working for social agencies and non-profits.

His family played a major role in demonstrating the power of personal involvement in the lives of others. His mother was an educator who demonstrated first-hand the power of personal interaction and the impact that it can have. From a young age, he was involved with the community and social organizations. He has participated in Big Brothers/Big Sisters and served as a mentor with The Boys and Girls Club.

He had begun his pursuit of his master’s degree in criminal justice when the community was rocked with the death of Michael Brown. It was then that he decided to continue working outside the system. He has focused his energies into implementing alternative preventative methods for juvenile justice instead. He is currently facilitating a sex education course for youth which include topics such as abstinence, HIV/Hepatitis C, and substance abuse. He has worked with many organizations such as the National Urban League and the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation.

Robert is a self-proclaimed “Garveyite” who believes in the philosophy of self-determination. His decision to support The WEkonomist Magazine is simple. He believes that we should support the efforts that will benefit our community collectively.

“We need to put skin in the game and put our money where our mouth is.” Robert states that “Within Koinda everyone can be engaged and committed on the level that they are on. We can become self-sufficient as a community and teach self-reliance to the generations that are coming up behind us.”

Robert White III is using every available avenue to reach the youth of our community from those that are stigmatized to those that are gifted. In them, he sees our future.

Contact Number: 573-340-9877