Shanette Wiliams – Platinum Sponsor

Avatar Wekonomist Team | June 2, 2019

Shanette Williams is the CEO and founder of Kheirloom Investments, a real estate investment firm. The firm specializes in traditional real estate acquisitions as well as wholesale real estate for both commercial and residential assets. Kheirloom Investments has a solid portfolio which includes 15 single home residential properties, an eight-unit apartment complex, two four-unit apartment buildings, and a new procurement of beachfront property specifically for future residential development. The company also works to provide affordable housing for individuals and offers real estate solutions for distressed property owners.

Shanette Williams holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing and has had a successful career in the medical field for well over 15 years. She is also a U.S. Army veteran and a Certified Blockchain Expert. Married with two sons, she’s a proud grandmother of two. Her motivation to build Kheirloom Investments began with the desire to create generational wealth for her family. As she learned more about real estate, she realized that her pursuit could also be used to address one of the key concerns within the community of African descendants of slaves–housing.

Shanette truly believes in and supports the Koinda mission and core values. Her chief aim is to add value to the group by sharing valuable information and assisting other members. For her the Koinda community is like an extended family that not only shows love but actively supports one another. When the Koinda community established its own cryptocurrency, it was a match made in the heavens. The cryptocurrency has denominations of Garvey and CJ’s, named in honor of Marcus Garvey and Madame C.J. Walker. It is a popular medium of exchange for products and services within the Koinda Market where members advertise, buy, and sell products and services from businesses belonging to its members.

Shanette’s support for the WEkonomist magazine extends beyond just the financial. She is excited to be offering educational courses on her channel. The goal of her channel will be to educate and empower the “everyday” person to move from being a consumer to becoming an investor in real estate.